About lift afica

Lift Africa (formerly “Tuns Quotes”) is a youth led organisation focused on transforming African youths for Peace and Greatness of Africa Continent.
The organization is fully Youth-led, working with young leaders in their home countries to empower the leadership in them through their in-built greatness and skills and through the yearly Summit of Greatness, Lift Africa has been using the programme as a platform for African Youth to come for the deliberations and discussion on how we can develop Africa through our strength.



lift Africa works towards restoration of Peace throught Youth and Discovering their their purpose for the transformation and the Greatness of AFRICA


Lift Africa stands as organisation campaigning for Peace for African Youth through inspirational Summit across the continent for African Youth to lead, live and love across the nations of Africa for the development of the continent.


To work towards youth development and leadership for creativity, productivity and violence free Africa continent.